Monday, December 12, 2022

Loving GOD's precepts

 Psalm 119:128

King James Version

128 Therefore I esteem all thy precepts 

concerning all things to be right; 

and I hate every false way.

I know it's pretty self-explanatory.

Still, I search the Bible, for what "precepts" mean.

As born again workman, and writer, I love word study.

It's a way to get things right about GOD's WORD.

Here's what Bible versions say about "precepts":

Psalm 119:128

Contemporary English Version

128 I follow all your commands,[a]

but I hate anyone

    who leads me astray.

Psalm 119:128

GOD’S WORD Translation

128 I follow the straight paths of your guiding principles.

I hate every pathway that leads to lying.

Psalm 119:128

Good News Translation

128 And so I follow all your instructions;[a]

    I hate all wrong ways.

Psalm 119:128

International Children’s Bible

128 I respect all your orders.

    So I hate lying ways.

Psalm 119:128

Living Bible

128 Every law of God is right, whatever it concerns. I hate every other way.

Psalm 119:128

New Catholic Bible

128 That is why I regard all your commandments as right

    and despise every way that is false.

Psalm 119:128

New International Reader's Version

128 I consider all your rules to be right.

    So I hate every path that sinners take.

Psalm 119:128

New Life Version

128 And so I look upon all of Your Law as right. I hate every false way.

Tehillim 119:128

Orthodox Jewish Bible

128 Therefore I esteem right all Thy pikkudim concerning all things; and I hate every orakh sheker. PEH

Psalm 119:128

The Voice

128 It’s true that I regard all Your guidance to be correct and good;

    I despise every deceptive path.

In SUMMARY, "precepts" mean:


guiding principles